HCB – Jam Session

If you are planning a conference and want to learn about Hacking Cultural Beliefs, we have got a crisp 2h format for 20-30 people. After a quick intro, participants work in small groups with our Hacking Cultural Beliefs Canvas. At the end all groups pitch their ideas and there is time for a discussion and Q&A.

Outcome: Inspired people and new perspectives

Hacking Cultural Beliefs Canvas.jpg

HCB – 3-day Workshop

Get to know the process and explore the potential of Hacking Cultural Beliefs in our 3-day workshop format for 6-8 people. On days 1 and 2 we help you identify and deconstruct the cultural beliefs of your organisation, industry or sector. On day three, once the hidden cultural dynamics are understood, we then focus on exploring new alternative beliefs and associated innovation opportunities.

Outcome: Discovering radical innovation potential


HCB – 5-day Sprint

Develop the first prototype of a radically different service, product or business model with our Hacking Cultural Belief 5-day Sprint for 6-8 people. Each day of the week has a different focus. We start by uncovering and deconstructing the underlying cultural beliefs of your industry or sector before working creatively with these cultural concepts to identify new opportunities. 

Outcome: Concept or prototype of a radical innovation