You have already met the enemy of innovation - it is yourself.

We have come to buy into the narrative that the main pathways to innovation are speed, experimentation, and agility. We’ve been told to move fast and break things. We believe that innovation is about implementing new technologies or following the latest trends.

Many organisations jump into the innovation race: running hackathons, sprints, and weekly innovation initiatives; however, the impact is incremental at best.

What is stopping organisations from creating Radical Innovations? The short answer is themselves. Why? It is their unchallenged beliefs and following the dominant logic of the industry they are in. Doing so results in incremental innovations that improve the exisiting, but do not invent. Most enduring innovations are radical in that they are fundamentally not about technology or new efficiencies, they are about seeing or doing things in new ways with new meanings.

Cultural Beliefs are the greatest barrier to innovation today.

Radical Innovation is strategic in impact and provides enormous commercial value. It differs from incremental innovation in that it helps deliver one of the cornerstones of strategy: outthinking competitors.

To help organisations deliver Radical Innovations, we developed a systematic approach to prevent them being their worst enemy and overcome their subjectivity: Hacking Cultural Beliefs.

Hacking Cultural Beliefs is a process that combines our experience as innovation experts with the latest theories and methods developed in social sciences.

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