When is the right time to consider radical innovation?

When is the right time to consider radical innovation?

And why is it so difficult for organisations to prioritise innovation and make it part of their core business?

  • Is it the time investment, or the costs?

  • Is it the uncertainty involved in creating something new?

  • Is it the difficulty of getting budget for something that might not produce a return on investment?

We at Hacking Cultural Beliefs think that the right time for radical innovation is now. Our approach to radical innovation is different - it's not a process, it's not about technology, it's not about trends and not even about your customers.

Innovation is not the result of tech-scouting, start-up safaris, or a 5-step process.

Innovation is the result of thinking differently.

Cultural beliefs are the biggest barrier to innovation. Cultural beliefs confirm what we already know and make teams come up with the same old ideas over and over again (no matter what new methodology they are using).

Our approach begins with identifying and reframing internal and external beliefs held by your organisation and the industry you are in. Questioning what everyone else accepts ‘as given’ allows you to create unique opportunities others don’t see.

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