When did innovation facilitators turn into corporate entertainment clowns?

When did innovation become a show that's main purpose is to entertain employees and provide content for social media?

When did innovation facilitators turn into corporate entertainment clowns?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your next innovation workshop actually challenged your thinking and produced unique opportunities for growth and differentiation? If this resonates with you, perhaps is it time for you to invest in real impact through Radical Innovation.

The starting point for Radical Innovation is not your customers, users, trends or technology. The starting point is you within your organisation. It is your organisation’s ability and willingness to let go of beliefs that you, your team, your company or your industry have internalised.

Only by questioning ‘what everyone else takes for granted’, can you create genuine innovation potential.

So, how can you develop Radical Innovations?

Unfortunately, the innovation ecosystem is conventional in its approach, hence the focus on „innovation theatre“ to mask that fact. Organisations, start-ups, consultancies and agencies use the same methodologies—which are good for solving customer problems, but poor at producing Radical Innovations.

Using our experience (and frustration!) as innovation consultants, we developed an approach, „Hacking Cultural Beliefs,“ that enables the systemic creation of Radical Innovation. Hacking Cultural Beliefs begins with identifying and reframing internal and external beliefs held by your organisation and the industry you are in. Questioning what everyone else accepts ‘as given’ allows you to create unique opportunities others don’t see.

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