Radical innovation does not focus on competitors or trends

In 2008, incumbent computer manufacturers like Acer, HP and Asus produced cheap minicomputers - netbooks. At that time a billion dollar market. How did Apple respond?

Apple decided not to enter the netbook business. Instead, Apple developed a new product, the iPad, which is different from netbooks, yet competes with them.

Focusing on competitors or trends does not lead to radical innovation.

The starting point for radical innovation is the ability and the willingness to let go of your own beliefs and overcome conventions.

Questioning ‘what everyone else takes for granted’, creates enormous innovation potential.

How to develop radical innovations?

Unfortunately, the innovation ecosystem is very conventional in its approach. Organisations, start-ups, consultancies and agencies almost all use the same methodologies, which are good for solving customer problems, but very poor at producing real innovations.

Using our experience and frustrations as innovation experts and management consultants, we have developed an approach with Hacking Cultural Beliefs that enables radical innovations to be systematically generated.

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Dr. Sebastian Vetter