Radical innovation is not just about 


Uncovering new opportunities starts with hacking your

cultural beliefs.

strategic innovators.

Hacking cultural beliefs is for 


our approach

Our approach enables radical innovation that goes beyond improving existing products and services. Using the power of social anthropology, we help you identify and deconstruct deep underlying cultural beliefs to unleash new innovation possibilities


those sneakers weren't for sale. You'd have to earn them by running a marathon.


Hacked paradigm: money buys status

Hack benefit: new business models


"Biology enables, Culture forbids.

Biology is willing to tolerate a very wide spectrum of possibilities. It’s culture that obliges people to realise some possibilities while forbidding others."

Yuval Noah Harari

our offer


TALK – Hacking Cultural Beliefs
We give keynote speeches at conferences or innovation events on how to hack cultural beliefs to unlock your innovation potential. 


WORKSHOP – Hack Your Industry Beliefs
We offer a variety of workshop formats from 3-day discovery workshops to 5-day sprints that help you dig deep into the cultural beliefs of your industry.

our team


Sebastian Vetter

holds a PhD in organisational psychology. Sebastian is an innovation guru. He has worked with international organisations from telecommunications, finance, education, retail, agriculture, high-tech manufacturing, energy, aviation, automotive, transport, government, and start-ups.


Nicolas Tallon
 has twenty years experience in strategy, insight, and innovation roles. He has worked for large organisations such as Nestlé, Vodafone and Nationwide Building Society as well as small consultancies.


Laura Rumich
is a cultural creative, a psychologist and branding expert: "Intuition is the key to discover deeply hidden cultural beliefs, let's explore them."

Matthias Lenssen
worked as innovation consultant with international corporations for over ten years: "Within the approach of Hacking Cultural Beliefs there lies a tremendous potential for innovation."


Carl Edwin Waerner
Carl is a facilitator and innovation consultant that takes a holistic perspective, and make use of frameworks that unifies people to work their best together. He is an expert in creating atmospheres that fosters participation, creativity and ownership from all involved. 

Our scientific advisor

Fanny Parise
holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from Sorbonne Paris Cité and is a research fellow at the university of Lausanne. She has extensive experience in applying anthropology in the commercial sector. Fanny presented at TEDx Women on gender issues and is a regular contributor in a number of publications.


Organisations our team members worked with and for

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"People become aware of their culture when they stand at its boundaries: when they encounter other cultures, or when they become aware of other ways of doing things, or merely of contradictions to their own culture."

Anthony P. Cohen